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People with peripheral neuropathy should. Prognosis for diabetic neuropathy. The prognosis for the disease largely depends on how well the underlying condition is treated. Diabetic nephropathy is a bilateral lesion of the kidneys, leading to a decrease in functional ability, and arising due to the influence of benemid pathological effects that form in diabetes mellitus. This is one of the most formidable complications of diabetes mellitus, which largely determines the prognosis of the underlying disease.

It should be said that diabetic nephropathy in type I diabetes mellitus develops more often than in type II diabetes. However, type II diabetes is more common. A characteristic feature is the slow development of kidney pathology, and the duration of the underlying disease (diabetes mellitus) plays an important role. First, it must be said that the development of DN does not have a direct correlation with the level of blood glucose, and in some cases, diabetes mellitus does not develop at all. To buy benemid online, there is no unambiguous opinion about the mechanism of development of ND, however, the main theories are.

Symptoms of diabetic nephropathy:

Apparently, all three mechanisms take place during the development of DN, moreover, they are interconnected by tand the formation of vicious circles.

The pathology is slowly progressive, and the symptoms depend on the stage of the disease. The following stages are distinguished.

Asymptomatic stage - there are no clinical manifestations, however, an increase in the glomerular filtration rate indicates the beginning of a violation of the activity of the renal tissue.

There may be an increase in renal blood flow and renal hypertrophy. The level of microalbumin in urine does not exceed 30 mg/day.

The stage of initial structural changes - the first changes in the structure of the renal glomeruli appear (thickening of the capillary wall, expansion of the mesangium).

The level of microalbumin does not exceed the norm (30 mg/day) and there is still an increased blood flow in the kidney and, accordingly, increased glomerular filtration.

Prenephrotic stage - the level of probenecid pills exceeds the norm (30-300 mg / day), but does not reach the level of proteinuria (or episodes of proteinuria are insignificant and short), blood flow and glomerular filtration are usually normal, but may be increased.

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Long-term hyperglycemia (high blood glucose levels) leads to various kinds of biochemical disorders (increased production of glycated proteins, direct toxic effect of probenecid pills, biochemical disorders in capillaries, the polyol pathway of glucose metabolism, hyperlipidemia), which have a damaging effect on the renal tissue.


Diabetic nephropathy develops as a result of impaired intrarenal blood flow (intraglomerular hypertension).


At the same time, hyperfiltration initially develops (accelerated formation of primary urine in the renal glomeruli, with the release of proteins), but then the connective tissue grows with a decrease in filtration capacity.


This theory is based on the primary presence of genetically determined predisposing factors that are actively manifested under the influence of metabolic and hemodynamic disorders characteristic of diabetes mellitus.

There may already be episodes of high blood pressure. Nephrotic stage - proteinuria (protein in the urine) becomes permanent. Periodically, hematuria (blood in the urine) and cylindruria may occur. Renal blood flow and glomerular filtration rate decrease. Arterial hypertension (increased blood pressure) becomes persistent. Edema joins, anemia appears, a number of blood parameters increase.


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